Brotherhood of Shinsei Sohei

At many times in history the monks of the various temples in Rokugan have found it necessary to train warriors to protect their shrines and heimin. While monks from the Temple of Osano-Wo direct their training towards unarmed combat, sometimes weapons and lethal styles are required. Many temples in volatile locations, then, train “sohei” or warrior monks. These monks do not call on the mystical powers of Kiho, instead eschewing the esoteric for the material. Their signature weapon is the naginata and many train so extensively with them they can rival samurai veterans.

Characters attending this school are made just like monk characters (Core, pg. 231), but gain rank techniques omin their “school” rather than the initial Kiho. They also do not automatically gain Kiho each level. They may, however, purchase “bonus” Kiho with experience points, though the number of these may never exceed the character’s insight rank. The monk’s starting equipment is replace with the school’s starting equipment.

Brotherhood of Shinsei Sohei
Benefit +1 Agility
Skills Athletics, Jiujutsu 2, Lore: Theology, Meditation, Polearms (Naginata), any one Lore skill
Honor 4.5
Outfit Light or Ashigaru Armor, Sturdy Clothing, any Heavy Weapon or Polearm, Scroll Satchel with passages from the Tao, 2 zeni.


Rank 1: Arm of the Defender
The various monk temples teach their sohei the value of strength and mastery over one’s body. You gain a bonus of +1k0 to the total of all attack rolls made using unarmed strikes or with polearms. You also add twice your School Rank to your Armor TN against all melee attacks.

Rank 2: Armor of Purity
Mastery of the body is a step on the path of purity, and this mastery affords tremendous endurance to those who reach it. You may select any non-Void Ring. You gain Reduction equal to this Ring.

Rank 3: Speed of Thought
The alignment of body and mind allow tremendous speed. When using a polearm or an unarmed attack, you may make melee attacks as Simple Actions rather than Complex Actions.

Rank 4: Guarded by Chi
Following mastery of the body comes mastery of the soul. When you learn this Technique, you may select any one non-Void Ring. You add twice your Rank in this Ring to the TN of any spell being cast against you. You may choose to suppress this effect if you wish.

Rank 5: Earth stands in Defense
True master of self requires drawing on the purity of the Earth within. You gain an additional number of Void Points per day equal to your Earth Ring. These may be spent exactly like normal Void Points, except they may also be spent to add a bonus of +1k1 to the total of your damage rolls with polearms or unarmed strikes. Only one of these Void Points may be spent on a single damage roll.

Brotherhood of Shinsei Sohei

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